SUSHI (Califonia Rolls)


This is just a little tutorial on how to make Sushi.  The type of Sushi we have made for the demo are California Rolls.  Sushi is a fresh healthy snack, appetizer, or lunch that can be easily packed up for on the go.  Vital health carries organic soy sauce and wasabi for dipping, as well as coconut aminos to substitute for soy sauce.  Vital Health also has high quality pickled ginger and Nori wrappers to enhance your Sushi experience.   The photo below shows everything you need to duplicate this recipe.


To make the rice… First add 2 cups of sushi rice and 4 cups of water to a pot.  Add 2 Tbsp of honey and 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of salt into the same pot and cook on high until the mixture starts to boil.  Stir then turn the element to low and simmer until the liquid has been completely absorbed.  Let cool before attempting to roll your sushi wrappers.

Once you have all your ingredients thinly sliced… Place a Nori wrapper onto a sushi mat and cover the wrapper with a thin layer of sushi rice.  Next, place your veggies and crab meat in a line at the edge of the Nori wrapper.  Use the sushi mat to gently wrap the Nori wrapper around the veggies and then continue rolling all the way to the end.  Before you unwrap the mat, pick it up and squeeze it between your hands to squish everything together.  Once you have done that and unrolled the mat, all you need to do is slice the sushi roll into 1 inch thick circles.  Garnish with grated or pickled ginger and the dipping sauce of your choice and it’s all ready to enjoy!IMG_20171019_143200141