Ancient Organics Ghee

Ghee is the very essence of butter; the end result of a long, slow, careful clarification process that removes all the moisture, milk solids and impurities. The absence of milk solids and water in ghee make it completely shelf stable. Ghee has one of the highest flash points (485ºF) which make this oil the best choice for high temperature cooking.  Ghee is comprised of full spectrum short, medium and long chain fatty acids, both unsaturated and saturated. Ghee contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K.  Ghee made from organic butter of pastured cows is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). 9 phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as numerous other minerals are present in ghee.

Ghee has been used for centuries as a digestive and elimination aid, for energy, sexual vitality, skin and eye health, as a lubricant for the joints and for alkalizing the blood.  The purity of ghee allows it to be deep penetrating and nourishing as it passes through the lipid membranes of cells.  For this reason, the vitamins and minerals from food cooked in ghee will be drawn deep into the body where they impart the most benefit.  The assimilation of the nutrients increases when suspended in a ghee matrix.  When you add spices to ghee to cook with the flavor is carried deep into the food.  Many herbal preparations use ghee as the carrier oil because of these characteristics.

Ancient Organics Ghee is unlike any other you will find on the market today.  They take great care and consideration in the ingredient selection and preparation method.  Their uncompromising commitment to quality combined with obsessive attention to detail allows for a unique hand-crafted ghee.  Many of the strict protocols for authenticity are integrated into their cooking process.  Ancient Organics Ghee is made from the unique dairy of Northern California.  The native wildflowers and sweet grasses of the coastal prairie provide a terroir unlike any other part of America.

Ancient Organics

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